Massage Services and Prices

Type of Service Duration Price
Basic Swedish Massage - relaxation and circulatory enhancement 60 Minutes $50
Basic Swedish Massage with hot, wet application on back - relaxation and circulatory enhancement with the addition of hot, wet packs on the back which significantly soften the fascia and muscles of the back and enhance circulation. 90 Minutes $65
Integrated Massage - combination of deep massage, shiatsu techniques, trigger point work and other techniques as necessary. This approach addresses specific issues the client has for specific body parts. This type of bodywork assumes an ongoing relationship and empowers the individual to grow into her or his own goals for the client's well-being. 60-70 Minutes $60
Structural Bodywork - addresses specific postural issues on an ongoing basis. Each session works from improvements the client works on from a postural point of view with the overall goal being a balance within the bodily posture so that the whole body can function as intended. The initial session starts with a complete postural assessment followed by specific techniques to address postural imbalances. Subsequent sessions will start with short assessments and demonstration of improvements. The client may be referred to other specialists like chiropractors or orthotic fabricators. First session 75 Minutes, 60 minutes thereafter $65 first session, $55 thereafter

Last updated July 16, 2002